MartiBespoke Spiritual design, creativity and bespoke wood furniture


MartiBespoke is a one man furniture building, design and wood-crafting business. Built on creative though, happiness and passion.
With over 25 years' experience in creating custom wood sculptors in the West of Scotland, Marti is the one-man furniture-building wood-carving creative behind MartiBespoke. Centred around an ethos of spiritual design, creative thought and passion for his craft, Marti has expertise across a range of different areas of design from small object D'art and custom furniture commissions to unique bespoke building such as garden outhouses and decking. Marti is passionate about creating bespoke one-off commissions with a keen attention to detail. He strives to incorporate a personal touch into every piece he makes.
Marti's passion lies in woodcraft. With decades of experience working in trades with different building materials, Marti found that he was most inspired by the process of taking wood from its bare raw material and transforming it into something practical and beautiful. With wood being one of nature's finest and most versatile products, Marti decided to specialise in wood sculpture to discover the possibilities of the creations he could make. It is the precision, focus and care that goes into Marti's work which makes his pieces unique and individual to each client. Marti is also a proud member of the Scottish Furniture Makers Association (SFMA).

"All my designs work very closely with deep conversation with the wood itself as it instructs me as to what it can do and what it would like to be."

Marti McVey

Marti has been involved in a range of fantasic projects, with many more in the pipeline. Marti has been involved in a range of fantastic collaborative projects and commissions with many more in the pipeline. To find out more about MartiBespoke, watch the documentary film below showing the extraordinary renovation of Knock Old Castle. This video features Bruce Walker's journey alongside an amazing motley crew of local artists and craftspeople including our very own Marti.